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Thorns of Brutality

It is hard to live in a world where

Lives are taken as means to an end

Continously accumulating from the non-consensual contortion of land

And promises of any future on a downward spiraling descent

It is harder to accept a world where

The obliteration of a blessed nation is viewable on more screens than just the TV

Witnessing unwarranted forces laugh at the face of injustice

Blatantly refusing to acknowledge the fundamental rights of their equals they forcibly withhold

Whilst promises of safety continue to decay rapidly

Children are suffering

Children are suffocating

Children have metal thorns in their face from brutal puncturing

Blood, sacrilege and fear is all they know

Plucked from dust and rubble if "lucky" 

Will these babies live to see a flower grow?

Decades of injustice have outlived generations of ancestral lines

Rhythmic annihilation far beyond the Nakba

How will they forgive humanity for what we have done

Haey o Rabba, ya Allah

The steel capped boot of tyranny still presses down firmly on the neck of Palestine

Hearts and bodies have ached for over a century 

Long will it take undoing the poisonous threads embedded in the tapestry of time

For fight or flight has become but muscle memory

Oh, Gaza

Shame on me.

In this life of plenty

How dare I see the glass half empty

The ingratitude I leak sometimes makes it hard to speak because

My troubles are but a blink of the wide eyed monster you stare head on 

Every day 

Of every week

So I cry for you and not myself

And will fight for you until this nightmare’s over and all comes to an end

We seek out the false truths that were indoctrinated

And learn of the lies flagrantly spread

The world can't turn a blind eye any longer 

Won't continue to play pretend

The myth of "war" cannot stick anymore

This massacre is not repercussion or mere injury

The world is watching

And will scream and shout until you recover

From the river

To your sea

Until Falasteen is saved

Until you are free

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