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About Me

As a multi-faceted interdisciplinary artist and creator, I work across the breadth of digital and physical art and media, including photo, design, video, creative writing and art department areas. I have an academic background in journalism and media with a First class degree from the University of Leeds. 


Having grown up across Southern Africa, the US and the UK, I've developed a passion for, music, fashion, TV and film with a keen eye for styles and trends across these spaces. My international upbringing also instilled a sentimentality towards nostalgia and fusing together modern, classic, traditional and surreal culture and art forms. I'm best known for my mixed media creations that champion vibrancy, texture and pleasant retina burning colour. My work and eclectic style has found its way through exploring and absorbing the weird and wonderful, which continues to fuel my passion in making art that is a feast for the senses. 

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Publications & Credits

Art Assistant for Untitled Music Documentary 2024

Art Director and B-Cam for 'Comforting Lie' - Pop Vulture (music video) 2024

Dear "Dad" published in DominAsian 002 THE NEW GENERATION 2024

Photographer 'Good Times' music video by Emma Robin 2023

Photographer and B-Cam for 'THOT' - Emma Robin (music video) 2022

Several works published in Cellar Vol. 1 2022

Amy published in DRRRTY B!TCH Magazine 2020

Director, Cast and Editor for 'Pandemic-trepreneurs' (short documentary) 2024

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