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Acutely falling

Passed the threshold.

Feelings invading my body like a foreign army

A tsunami inside me,

Waking from within

Washing away the bludgeoning sin

No more idolising a heart made of tin

A sharp axis once pivoting unclear

Now comfortable with where x and y begin

Somehow, u and i became the same angle

closing in

Breaking the barriers of a soothingly thick

shell-suit of skin

Embraced by a fine balancing act of masculine and feminine

Sensations of a burnt flame, dare I say it.

A twin?

My perception of it all was waning,

wearing so thin

But the objects of my desire appeared to be protracted at every whim

Growing tired of fighting, I pleaded,

Protect me from what I want and what I don't

Done with being shallow, beginning to lean into my shadow

Self-absolved through declining the virtues of tempting sin

Softly surrendering to a soon-to-be whirlwind

Considering, admiring the pleasure and pain of adrenaline

Understanding that forfeiting all control can be a win

An opportunity to invoke the right kind of healing medicine

Searching for the right ways and the right words to love the yang to my yin

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