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Figuratively speaking

Even the drugs wont subdue the perpetuity of you

Everywhere, all around me

Chasing, perennially

Those shades of blue

Cobalt, cerulean, electric clues

That somewhere, somehow

Our connected threads bleed deep, dark and sickly comforting

Like royalty,

I'm loyally anointed to you,

Divinely guided,

Royally true.

They told me you're focused on gains

I'm focusing on my veins

or what runs through them

Like stitches in our threads,

Seams of a hem

Or the intricacies of a plant stem

You're etched into my skin

The woven prints in my palm

The creasing corners of my grin.

It's the makings of you

The points you'll prove

The way that you move

within me

That voice in my head,

Whispering loudly

That being alive is but a shallow alternative,

You'll never truly be dead

We'll always be free

Here and now, chasing but sometimes falling down slippery streams

on the path to gold and greens and whipped cream dreams

Forgetting the fear

Guided by the glowing light of the moon at night

And the sun in my eyes

I'm no longer shy or willing to deny

that you and I

Me and you

Are entwined,

Melting into each other

A subatomic waxy membrane of honey dew

I don't know your name yet

But inside my mind's eye is a spiralled path towards myself,

leaning towards you

And I walk it blindly, gladly

I'm glued.

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