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Fleeting Visits

Sometimes, on a day like today

It feels like I'm caught between the sun and moon

My internal organs on display

Despondantly drifting through a weightless time and space

But the weight of uncertainty and restlessness leaves me heavy

Steeped in slopes of snow

Wanting my matter to easily flow

Wishing to melt away

I know myself apparently

But somehow my own feelings, emotions are their own puzzle

An enigma I spend learning and decoding

More than anything, I find it annoying

That understanding myself feels like work

Unapid labour that doesn't often reap rewards

Acknowledgement if I'm lucky

Who even am I?

I continue deliberating


A celestial sentiment sentimentally attached to a temporary existence

Subsumed and consumed by the simplicities and undefined intricacies of humanity

Conventions and ongoing tensions decided by Man

Men who lead by ego

Foregoing the lessons of life and cycles that chain us to the matrix of reality

Imprisonment cousined by principles shrouded in "legally"

Really it's because they don't see

You or me

As pools of sentience

No, we're just valuable tools being played by fools

Foolishly denying the people the option to choose

Continuing to uphold the systems

That lovingly nurture tyrannical rule

Cleverly disguised as breaking news

Our trust misguided

Our dreams chewed

Spat out and brewed

Into coffee or tea?

The extent of our daily options in this brief duality

With all that in mind

I urge myself not to feel so dismantled

About the growth and confusion within my cells and soul

A knowing sat at the pit of my core

And acceptance that more often than not

The burden of life is a blessing and peace of mind is not an eternal guarantee

To exist is sometimes a precious chore

Sometimes, on a day like today

It might just help to leave some questions at the door

Contemplation can take over

But I know that I'll never be sure

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