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Milk Teeth

Familiar yet completely brand new

Crossed and entangled

Still in separate corners

Twelve twelve,

Stuck like glue

I thought I'd been here before

Though, this time is different I'm sure

If it was up to me I would know the way

Stubbornly accepting that the forces at play

who love to keep me guessing

Have never led me astray

Yet still I feel the weight

and burden of emotion

The earth pulls me in closer

Gravity works harder, testing my devotion

As if the earth would swallow me up

and more than willing, I fall into her

Sinking further into the fresh breath of serenity's ocean

Not knowing where I end or begin

Coming undone

Simultaneously closing in

on myself like folder paper,

So thin

Enveloped in a landslide of


Formerly shut now open just before me

Is a door I once closed


Brick by brick, layer by layer

The root-ridden cracks pull away from each other even further,

leaving me exposed

Disregarding my plea

I beg and say no to fate

Whilst she solemnly shakes her head right in front of me

Breadcrumbed day by day

Trickling in then pouring in waves

A suppressed wish clawing its way back to a

once was, now us, now we

Deju Vus become as lucid as checking the time

Wondering all day every day

when I'll get to call you mine

A spitefully negligent shade of blue

I could say that was you

Complimented by a blood-soaked crimson fiery hue

That's me

Bound together

Like a purple Scotch heather

The wind shaking the trees

That's what I'll always be

Sometimes though, I consider hating you

I'll lie to myself and say I hate the colour blue

Secretly raging at the moon

Self-restraint enforced and endurance as a main course

Still hoping to see you soon

Always having to remind myself of who I really am

That patience is a virtue

That I'm in like a lion and out like a lamb

All-knowing a belief system can shake some to their core

Never really knowing, never being sure

Never once asking, there must be more

"We'll never know" learning always to reply

Internally recognising otherwise

Disbelieving every precious syllable in a succinct deny

Peace and perspective is all I can consider

Stoic in my being 'cause mama didn't raise no quitter

And so I scream at the walls and I talk to water

White feathers grant me the peace and tranquility

I don't always know that I need

Whilst the crows sing and watch over me

Cold sweated palms feeling hotter and hotter

As the sun begins to set

me ablaze

Heart pounding and chattering teeth

Wondering why

my tears taste so salty

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